By month: November 2009

First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit Improved—Buy That Home?

Is this the right time to buy a home? Tax credits make the home purchase more appealing. Learn if the home purchase is right for you or your relatives. Use the home analyzer software, free, that’s linked inside this article.

Big Tax Breaks for Hiring Your Child

Tax law favors the son or daughter working for the mother or father in a proprietorship or husband and wife partnership. If you operate your business as a corporation, you also can come out ahead by hiring your child.

How Children Employed by Parents Can Use IRAs to Pay for College

Having your child work in your business produces college funding strategies with both the Roth and the traditional IRA. As an added bonus, you can use the traditional IRA with earned income to eliminate some kiddie tax.

Payroll Taxes Embezzled; Owner Has Big Tax Problem

Do you own a business that withholds taxes from employees? If so, you need 100 percent certainty that the withheld payroll tax monies are going to the IRS. You can achieve 100 percent certainty with the IRS EFTPS registration..

How the No-Receipt-Under-$75 Tax Rule Works

The no-receipt-under-$75 tax rule applies only to certain travel, entertainment and listed property.

IRS Audit Can Include Physical Inspection of an Office in the Home

You can keep records that reduce the chances of an IRS physical inspection of your office in the home.


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