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“The Tax Reduction Letter is very practical and extremely useful. That’s why we continue to subscribe. It’s got real-world information and application, not a lot of theory.”

Jim Merrill, CPA

Auburn, California

W. Murray Bradford, CPA

Editor and Publisher of the Tax Reduction Letter

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W. Murray Bradford is a distinguished senior Price Waterhouse alumnus and the author of Business Tax Deduction Master Guide, Bottom-Line Results, Income Tax Reduction Strategies for Property Owners, Tax Aspects of Financial Planning, and numerous other publications.

W. Murray Bradford is the founder and creator of the highly-regarded Tax Reduction Seminar. He is the publisher and editor of the Tax Diary System and has served as a top-rated instructor of the Becker CPA review course for over fifteen years. He is also the first outside person selected to serve as the “Official Spokesperson” for the J. K. Lasser Tax Institute.

W. Murray Bradford has been a guest on hundreds of radio and television shows and is often quoted in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Changing Times, Money, Fortune, USA Today, and the Journal of the American Society of CLU.

W. Murray Bradford is licensed as a CPA in California and Minnesota, and is a member of the California Society of CPAs, the Minnesota Society of CPAs, the Greater Washington D.C. Society of CPAs, and the American Institute of CPAs.

“The Tax Reduction Letter is on the top of my reading pile. I read it before I read any other magazines. I enjoy reading it because I can apply the ideas to my business clients.

Stanley L. McRae, CPA

Lubbock, Texas

“The Tax Reduction Letter is ideal for the tax professional with self-employed clients. It’s written in layman’s language and is packed with great advice and strategies.

Julian Block, Esq.

Former IRS special agent and 

author of the nationally syndicated column, The Tax Advisor

“The Tax Reduction Letter is written in understandable English, not in legalese. It’s the only tax letter I have ever re-subscribed to over the years and is the source for new, real-world ideas that I don’t find other places.”

Gary Teuscher, CPA

Montpelier, Idaho

“The Tax Reduction Letter is full of usable ideas, like recent issues on vacation homes and auto trade-ins that I put to immediate use with my clients. It’s the most ‘user-friendly’ of the tax publications because it doesn’t overwhelm you with minutiae and irrelevant details.”

Rich Ramsay, CPA

Mahtomedi, Minnesota

Why do some tax professionals create super-successful practices, while others struggle just to make a living?

Very often, the answer is that winning tax professionals subscribe to the Tax Reduction Letter. That’s right. Every month, thousands of successful tax professionals rely on my publication to help their clients save money and build their own tax practices.

Now, I want you to benefit from the Tax Reduction Letter and urge you to try it right now at no cost and with no obligation whatsoever!

The Tax Reduction Letter is designed to be practical.

The Tax Reduction Letter isn’t about ivory-tower “theories.” In fact it’s just the opposite. As you’re about to discover, my publication is packed with practical research and innovative strategies designed to work in the real world.

What’s more, the Tax Reduction Letter is written for taxpayers (your clients), so it’s easy for you to understand exactly how they benefit. Understanding the client’s point of view makes explaining the material to them a lot easier.

The bottom line?

The Tax Reduction Letter tailors highly specific tax-reduction tactics to the needs, situations, and challenges of one-owner and husband-and-wife-owned businesses. No other newsletter or publication service offers this kind of practical information. Not CCH. Not BNA. Not RIA. Not PPC.

Four facts about the Tax Reduction Letter you need to know now.

Fact #1: The Tax Reduction Letter is written specifically to meet the needs of the one-owner or husband/wife-owned business. It doesn’t matter whether they operate as a Proprietorship, LLC, S Corporation, or C Corporation. We write for the layperson, but fully annotate our strategies for you, the tax professional.


Fact #2: The Tax Reduction Letter serves as your personal tax research assistant. It’s like having an assistant who uses the best databases and best research services of the largest accounting firms to give you strategies that you can use. Randy McMahan, CPA, of McCall, Idaho, says, “I’m just a little guy, so I don’t have the resources of a large firm, but the Tax Reduction Letter keeps me on the cutting edge.”


Fact #3: The Tax Reduction Letter provides detailed references to the code, court cases, and regulations. You don’t find this in other publications. Generally, if you get references, you get no strategies. And if you get strategies, you get no references. The Tax Reduction Letter gives you both references and strategies. In addition, most of the references have hyperlinks to the source documents so you have immediate verification and proof of the strategies!


Fact #4: The Tax Reduction Letter makes the best use of your precious time. That’s because my publication is laid out for my fellow professionals, point by point, so they never waste time. Let’s face it. Time is money and the Tax Reduction Letter always gets to the point fast!

Here’s just some of what we’ve covered, or will cover, in our easy-to-read, easy-to-use publication . . .

  • A tax guide for the business-use of timeshares 
  • How to deduct business use of vacation homes 
  • When the motor home is a hotel or a business vehicle 
  • Tax-approved equity sharing between landlords and home buyers 
  • Big tax losses that are often overlooked on sales of standard mileage deduction vehicles 
  • Building and audit-proofing section 105 medical plans for the husband and wife team 
  • How to keep the big tax benefits for the more than 6,000-pound SUVs, vans, and pickups 
  • A complete guide to cruise ship deductions 
  • How to audit-proof the S Corporation’s low salary to owners 
  • Why donating business vehicles to charity is much different than donating personal vehicles 
  • When entertainment escapes the ugly fifty-percent cut in deductions 
  • Why it’s imperative to file Form 3115 for missed depreciation deductions 
  • Keeping 1031 exchanges beneficial, simple, easy, and audit-proof 
  • Planning maximum breaks (and avoiding disasters) for the husband and wife business team 
  • A complete guide to converting the proprietorship to a corporation 
  • A guide to saving Social Security taxes when you rent from your spouse 
  • Planning for the increase in IRS audits of businesses 
  • And lots more! 

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W. Murray Bradford, CPA  

Editor and Publisher

The Tax Reduction Letter

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What tax professionals  
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Tax Reduction Letter

“The Tax Reduction Letter is at the top of my reading pile. It’s an eye-opening reference that puts you on the right track.”


Floyd Self, CPA

Sedalia, Missouri

“The Tax Reduction Letter is practical and easy to read. In every issue there’s at least one client that can benefit from what I read. I like it because it gives me a real-life perspective, and if I have detailed questions I can use the annotations for more research.”

Tom Dragicevic, CPA

Milwaukie, Oregon

Dear Tax Professional:

“The Tax Reduction Letter is a straightforward, thought-provoking professional tool. The publication is not afraid to take a position and then illustrate that position with concrete examples and references.”

Glenn Davis, J.D., LL.M. (Tax)

Recently Retired Executive Editor of 

Tax Management, Inc.

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