By month: September 2009

IRS Expands Break for Section 1031 Exchanges of Business Vehicles

Wow! This new IRS private ruling expands the number and types of like-kind vehicles available for Section 1031 exchanges.

No Mileage Log on Business Truck Destroys $53,625 Section 179 Deduction

You need a mileage log on your business vehicle. With no mileage log, you can try the alternate-proof method, but the odds are better than 9 to 1 that you will lose. This article gives you a perfect mileage-log system free.

Proving Federal Tax Deductions with Credit Cards

Credit cards are valuable time-saving assets when used correctly by the business taxpayer. Incorrect use damages both your wallet and your time management.

IRS Uses UBS Swiss Bank Account to Nail California Man with Tax Fraud

Swiss UBS AG and other supposed tax havens and secret banks are divulging the names of tax cheats to the U.S. government.

Inheritance Advice for the Family Home

Distributing the assets of an estate needs a tax plan to ensure the favorable results embedded in the tax law.

How to Write Off the Investment in a Failed S Corporation

The U.S. government taxes your profits and subsidizes your losses. That’s nice. Not all governments share in the losses.

Tracking Personal and Business Checking Accounts

Computers and programs like Quicken make it easier to track business and personal activities. Even so, there are rules of the road that you should follow to ensure the best results.


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