By month: June 2008

This Might Be the Perfect Time to Buy Your Rental Property

Good prices and low interest rates make this a good time to buy real estate. Also, tax law favors investing in real estate over stocks and bonds. Use the after-tax adjusted rate-of-return formula to see your after-tax results of your investment.

Section 105 Plan Checklist

This is our grand summary of the inner workings of Section 105 medical reimbursement plan. Use it wisely!

Examination of Documents at IRS Appeals Level

Be careful when appealing an IRS case to a higher level. Usually cases are for the technical merits of your issue or facts; seldom does it result in an expansion of the examination.

IRS Releases Guidance on IRA Transfer to HSA

A new 2006 law allows a one-time transfer of money from your IRA to an HSA. If you do it right, you can avoid income taxes or penalties. We’ll show you how.

S Corporation 105 Plan

We answer one taxpayer’s question about S corporation medical benefits. We also help him decide which is better for his wife’s business: S corporation, C corporation, or single-member LLC.

Vacant Rental Property

Rental property treatment starts on the day you place the property in service for rental use, not when you install a tenant. We answer one taxpayer’s questions about reporting a rental house for which he found no tenant.


You might be able to deduct Medicare payments as medical insurance premiums, but it depends which type of Medicare you have.

Passive Losses for Doctor

Learn from one doctor’s situation. You can deduct passive losses of real estate every year, despite a high income. Forming a C corporation also might provide welcome relief.

Trip to Canada

It is surprisingly easy to deduct a trip to Canada, even if you only work one day while there. Use the sandwich rule, and you can deduct even more.


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