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Is the S Corporation the Best Tax-Deduction Entity for Your Business?

To know if the S corporation is the best choice of entity for your business, first you need to consider three advantages and nine disadvantages. Next, you need to take the S corporation advantages and disadvantages that apply to you and get a bottom-line number comparison with your second choice for an operating entity. In this way, you can make a logical choice, knowing that your best choice will stay with you for a number of years and let you pocket more after-tax cash while you sleep better at night.

Corporations Beat Proprietorships in Tax Deductions for Cell Phones

Do you operate your business as a corporation, an LLC, or a proprietorship? Your choice of entity impacts a variety of tax deductions, and now the cell phone creates a win for the corporate owner and a loss for the proprietorship and the single-member LLC.

New IRS Notice Makes More Spouses Eligible for Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

When the husband or the wife cheats on taxes, both spouses are liable for the unpaid taxes and penalties. However, the non-cheating spouse can qualify as an innocent spouse or for equitable relief. In new guidance, the IRS has made it easier for the non-cheating spouse to get out of paying the taxes.

Tax Rules for Section 105 Plan with Multiple Businesses

When you and/or your spouse own more than one business, you must look at all businesses as one business when applying the Section 105 medical reimbursement plan discrimination rules. If you are blocked by the discrimination rules, consider discriminating in health insurance coverage to your benefit.

16 Tax Deduction Targets to Increase Your Business Car, SUV, Truck, and Van Deductions

This article has 16 tax-deduction targets that you can use to increase your business car, SUV, truck, and van deductions. You don’t need to buy any new vehicles to get the benefits. You simply need the knowledge as laid out here.

Former IRS Agent Fails Tax Deductions for Hiring His Children

To deduct the wages that you pay to your children, you need proof that they did the work. You also need to complete the payroll paperwork.


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