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April 2024

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Create Tax-Free Fringe Benefit Deductions for Your Smartphone

How do you operate your business? As a proprietorship? A corporation? A partnership? (Note that if you operate as an LLC, your LLC falls into one of these categories.)


Your type of business entity makes a big difference when it comes to the personal tax benefits you as a small business owner can realize on your personal costs for a smartphone, such as an Android phone or an iPhone.


And depending on how you operate your business, you can achieve the tax benefits without keeping any tax records on your smartphone use. For this additional and delightful benefit, say thanks to the IRS and your lawmakers.


If you have employees or independent contractors working for your business, you can bless them by paying for their smartphones and not requiring them to keep any phone use records.


This article sets out the relatively new and certainly improved smartphone rules that you will actually like. (How’s that—liking it—for a tax law!)


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