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February 2012

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16 Tax Deduction Targets to Increase Your Business Car, SUV, Truck, and Van Deductions

Here are 16 targets for getting the best tax deductions on your vehicles right now.


1. Increase Your Business Miles


Are you doing what you legally can to increase your percent of vehicle use? There’s a big difference in deduction benefits when you use a vehicle 90 percent rather than 40 percent for business.


See the article titled “Increase Federal Tax Rebates with More Business Mileage” for ideas on how to increase your business vehicle deductions. This business mileage article gives you a clear roadmap on how to increase business miles from the miles you already drive, with answers to four questions followed by easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement strategies.


2. Best Vehicle Deductions for Your C or S Corporation When You Own the Vehicle ... Log in to view full article.

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