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Test Your Tax IQ: Realizing Tax Benefits of a Loss Deduction

Let’s say that you calculate a tax loss on the sale of your business vehicle. Tax law gives you tax benefits from a valid tax-loss deduction. But you need to make the right move to realize those tax benefits. And when it’s time to dispose of your old business vehicle, you have a number of choices, only one of which will produce immediate tax benefits for you.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Converting to an S Corporation

Are you thinking of converting your business to an S corporation? The IRS will be watching you closely. Learn to avoid the common mistakes that many business owners make.

IRS Rules Same-Sex Married Couples Are Legal Spouses for Taxes

The IRS just ruled that a same-sex married couple are spouses for federal income tax purposes. This means the same tax deductions and tax benefits that accrue to other married couples now accrue to same-sex married couples. The IRS ruling is a direct result of the Supreme Court’s decision in Windsor. This article sets forth business and personal tax breaks that marriage provides.

Music Business Beats the Unfair Hobby Loss Rule

See how this musician could lose money for seven years in a row and prove that he was in the music business to make a profit. This was important. By winning his case, he cut his taxes by more than $17,000 for the two years at issue before the court. If you have an activity that you hope is a business activity, but that might be a hobby, you need to read this article.

Tax Deductions for Entertainment Facilities (Part 1)

How would you like a business tax deduction for your yacht, hunting lodge, hunting lease, airplane, beach cottage, fishing camp, swimming pool, ski lodge, or tennis court? Tax law contains a clear set of rules that you can follow to create such deductions. And as you would expect, the rules are pretty demanding.

Tax and Liability Answers for Business Owner’s Rental Properties

If you are a sole business owner and also have 10 unrelated rental properties, what are the tax ramifications of the rental properties? How is the income from those properties reported to the IRS? What is the best way to structure ownership of those properties to limit your liability exposure? This article addresses these questions and more.

Are Overhead Disability Monies Subject to Self-Employment Taxes?

Do you have disability insurance? Is your disability protection a traditional disability income policy or a disability overhead expense policy? If you become disabled, do you have to pay self-employment taxes on the benefits that you receive? This article explains what you need to know about the disability policies and the self-employment tax.


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