By month: August 2009

IRS Refund Owed after IRS Audit

The woman in this audit learned how knowledge can turn what appears as a nightmare (an IRS audit) into a positive happening—meaning cash refunds for the year of the audit and subsequent years. As the old sayings goes, “knowledge is power.”

IRS Loses On Subdivision of Lots

You can be a dealer with respect to some properties and an investor with respect to others. You can also subdivide lots and obtain tax-favored capital gain treatment, but you need the right numbers and a good plan.

Tax Deduction on Sale of Business Car

Learn how to calculate the tax deduction when you sell your business car at a loss—the most likely result.

Travel Tax Deductions Can Include Educational Trip to the Bahamas

When you know what you are doing, you can qualify trips to the Bahamas and similar destinations as tax-deductible trips.

Business Tax Deduction for Golfers and Spectators

Being in business for yourself produces huge tax-deduction advantages for golfers and golf spectators. Golf advantages are more than double those of football, baseball, and basketball.

Federal Tax Deductions for Section 127 Education of Grandchild

You can use a Section 127 education plan to obtain tax benefits for yourself (or your corporation) while you help your grandchild through college or other learning.

Baseball Cards and Memorabilia as Office Decorations

The proper tax deduction treatment for decorating a business office with a baseball card and memorabilia collection comes from the courts in their decisions on depreciating antiques.


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