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November 2017

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Abandoned by Tax Advisor, Taxpayer Wins IRS Audit

I am thrilled to inform you that my appointment with the IRS auditor today resulted in no changes to my tax return—in fact, I received a tax refund.


Last night, in preparation for the audit, I reviewed your tax course and committed certain rules to my memory. It also helped that my tax compliance officer was a nice man who had been with the IRS for 23 years.


I followed the advice from your tax course. I did not agree to anything during the audit. When we ran into a roadblock, I asked the examiner for time to research his claims and speak with my accountant.


So ended the saga of Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s adventure with the audit arm of the IRS.


This is an updated true story from one of our members and an owner of our Business Tax Deductions On-the-Go Course.


This story began in March 2017 when Mr. and Mrs. Smith received their “invitation” to participate in an audit on April 17, 2017. (The last due date for 2017 tax returns and a most fitting day for an IRS audit, don’t you think?)


On that day in March when Mr. and Mrs. Smith received the audit notice, they were not and had not been customers of ours. But that audit notice motivated them to make a good business decision. They immediately bought our tax course and became members of the Bradford Tax Institute.


Mrs. Smith had a number of reasons to study the contents of our materials, starting with problems she had with her accountant.


Problem 1: The Accountant Said, “Skip the Audit.”


According to Mrs. Smith…


Over the years we have been in business, we have been loyal to our accountant and trusted his advice.


My use of your tax course was a rude awakening. I learned from your course that I had fallen into the class of people who truly believe in the fallacy that their accountants will take care of their taxes.


Once I got my hands on your tax course, I wanted a little more time to get ready for this IRS audit. I managed to convince the IRS examiner to give us until May 26 to appear. ... Log in to view full article.

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