By month: May 2008

How Self-Directing Your Retirement Plan Can Work to Your Benefit

Don’t waste time and money in a bad retirement plan. Your IRA can accumulate great wealth for your retirement when done properly. A self-directed retirement might be the answer for you.

Husband-and-Wife Joint Venture Election Does Not Apply to LLCs

The IRS just posted the limits on its website, but there is still one way to elect single-member status. We give you the details and planning strategies.

Cut Your Taxes by 32.1 Percent by Making Cheaters Pay Taxes

Not all taxpayers have been paying their taxes, which costs each person $2,000. We show you why this happens, and how you can help.

NY Taxi Loses Cab Deductions

Learn from this taxi driver’s mistakes: keep good records. His court case shows you why.

Court Gives Roadmap to Vehicle Logs

Learn from one couple’s court case: keep good records! It’s easy, but important. Follow our strategy to make sure you don’t miss a critical element.

Doctor’s Case Highlights Passive Loss Strategies

Learn from Dr. Uy’s mistakes: prepare your taxes correctly. In his case, he should have hired a tax advisor and preparer that would have saved him thousands of dollars. See what you can do to avoid his mistakes.

Individual Proprietorship or Partnership

Even accountants can be wrong about tax law. Learn for yourself the difference between partnerships and proprietorships. See what the law says, and why it’s important.

Home Sale and Easement Proceeds

If you have a land easement on the property you are selling, you can get up to $250,000 tax-free. We show you how to do it with a home sale exclusion

105 Medical Plan

It is so important to know the law. We give support to a good CPA against an unreasonable IRS auditor about part-time employees’ medical benefits under Section 105.

CPA Incorrectly Says No to 105 Plan

CPAs are not always right! One couple tries to get Section 105 benefits, and is incorrectly refuted by their accountant. We give evidence to support our position, and advice on how to get Section 105 benefits.

Zero Interest on Car Loan

There is no such thing as zero interest for tax purposes.

Husband-and-Wife Business Election

To file for joint partnership of a business, you must attach a written statement to your 1040. There is no official form to use, so we give you an example of what you can say.


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