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May 2012

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Tax Guide to Deducting Your Timeshare Stays as Business Lodging Costs

Do you use your timeshare for personal and business lodging only?


If so, celebrate, celebrate! You qualify for maximum tax benefits.


Your business lodging at your timeshare escapes the dreaded restrictions imposed by the vacation-home rules.1


Thus, with business lodging and personal use of your timeshare, you can qualify the timeshare for both business and personal tax benefits. This article shows you how.


Rule One


Rule one for maximum tax benefits from a timeshare is: Do not rent the timeshare. If you rent your timeshare to others, you complicate your tax-deduction life. You can still get some benefits, as we will discuss in next month’s article on rental of a timeshare, but not as many as are described in this article.


In this article, we deal with only two types of timeshare use:



Your use of the timeshare for business purposes


Your use of the timeshare for personal purposes


No Rental Use


With NO RENTAL USE, you AVOID the DREADED vacation-home rules that limit deductions. Further, with no rental use, the tax rules contain one wonderful exception made just for you, which reads:2


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