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April 2014

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Small Employer Health Care under Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) added new penalties and restrictions, but it did not take the old health care laws off the books.


Many of the same laws and strategies from before Obamacare remain in the tax code.


Think of it this way. You are on the same playing field as you were before Obamacare, except now you have to navigate some hidden land mines. You can still cross the field and win (i.e., provide health care and limit your costs), but you may have to rethink your strategy.


In this article you see the big picture—the whole playing field as it now stands under Obamacare.


Based on your goals and concerns, you’ll learn which health care strategy works best for your business and how you can meet your goals while limiting your costs.


Two Most Important Factors


After Obamacare, the best health care strategy for your business depends on two factors.


Factor 1: The number of employees you have.


Factor 2: The amount of money, if any, that you want to contribute to employee plans.


No Health Care, No Problem


As a small employer (an employer with fewer than ... Log in to view full article.

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