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December 2012

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How to Qualify Conventions and Seminars for Tax Deductions

You might think, “Heck, if it’s a business convention, it has to be tax deductible.”


But you could attend a true business convention and find that the costs are not deductible.


We know you don’t want to lose your tax deductions. That why we are publishing this article. It explains how you can qualify your convention expenses for deduction.


Three Types


Tax law puts all conventions, seminars, and similar meetings into one of the following three categories:1



North American conventions


Foreign conventions


Cruise ship conventions


In this article, we discuss what it takes to make that convention, seminar, or similar meeting tax deductible. Once you qualify for the meeting deduction, you can then qualify to deduct your travel costs of getting to and from that meeting location.


As you may remember from our previous article How to Deduct the Transportation Component of Your Business Travel, you have a number of beneficial rules ... Log in to view full article.

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