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August 2021

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PDF Download: Guide to Deducting Meals and Entertainment in 2021-2022

How much can you deduct for business meals and entertainment? 100 percent? 50 percent? 0 percent?


The answer is YES! (Or more precisely, depending on the circumstances, it may be any of the above.)


Our brand-new, downloadable guide explains when your expense is 100 percent deductible, when it’s 50 percent deductible, and when it’s not deductible at all. We even show you how you can score fully deductible meals based on recent tax law changes!


Download our special report, Deducting Meals and Entertainment in 2021-2022, to learn the right way to deduct meals and entertainment in 2021 and 2022, including how you can write off 100 percent of the expenses.


Inside the Free Report


Here’s the table of contents from the free special report:



IRS Says TCJA Allows Client and Prospect Business Meal Deductions, page 1


Entertainment Facilities after the TCJA Tax Reform, page 5


Deduct 100 Percent of Your Business Meals under New Rules, page 9


Deduct 100 Percent of Your Employee Recreation and Parties, page 15


Helicopter View of Meals and Entertainment (2021-2022), page 19


Download the Report


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