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April 2022

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It’s Tax Filing Season—Mail Correctly to Avoid IRS Trouble

During your taxable life, you need to mail various documents to the IRS.


You likely find the idea of taking a trip to the post office distasteful because you can suffer long lines and unhelpful postal people.


What can make you endure that ugly trip to the post office? The IRS. The federal courts. Your wallet.


How One Taxpayer Suffered


The IRS claimed that Charles Crispino owed $134,327 in taxes (due to an inadvertent rollover of his traditional IRA to a SIMPLE IRA) and collected the money by levying on Crispino’s assets.


Crispino wanted to contest the IRS’s action in federal court. But first he had to timely file an administrative claim for refund with the IRS.1


The claim for refund was due by June 3. Crispino’s accountant mailed the claim for refund by first-class mail on April 15. This ... Log in to view full article.

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