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January 2009

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It’s Ski Season—Let’s Make Your Skiing Deductible

This article is for the businessperson who likes to ski. Professional skiers and ski bums will have to find another source of information to learn how to deduct their skiing.


Here is the critical rule to keep foremost in your mind: For you, the businessperson, skiing is deductible only as “associated entertainment.” This means that you need to have a business discussion in a business setting before or after the skiing, generally within 24 hours.


This article is going to give you the nuts and bolts of the skiing deduction. You will learn



that ski deductions start with business discussions in a business setting;


that conventions, meetings, and seminars are automatically business discussions;


that the ski hill and the chair lift are not business settings;


that skiing qualifies for deduction when it is associated entertainment;


that the costs for your spouse and children can qualify for deductions as well;


how to get the biggest lodging deductions; and


when skiing in a charitable event doubles your deductions.


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