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July 2009

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Home Office Deduction—Show Me the Proof!

Question: If you have an office outside your personal home, can you have a tax-deductible office inside your home for the same trade or business?


Answer: Yes.


Q: Who says that?


A: The IRS and lawmakers!


Q: Show me where they say that!


Have you ever been down this road with the office-in-the-home deduction? We have.


That’s what prompts this article. We have had many requests from subscribers demanding, “Show me where it says that!”


What IRS Publications Say


Let’s start with some quotes from IRS publications that show you how the IRS views the office-in-the-home deduction when you have an office outside the home for the same business.


The home office is going to qualify for deduction when you make it an administrative office for your business.


This is true regardless of how you operate your business: proprietorship, LLC, or corporation.


If you operate as a corporation, you may not deduct an office in your home that you rent to the ... Log in to view full article.

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