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September 2017

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Five Tried-and-True Strategies for an IRS Audit

For most people, the scariest words in the English language are “IRS audit.” Not “grim reaper,” not “root canal,” but “IRS audit.” You can just imagine this menacing IRS agent knocking on your door and handing you a tax bill for thousands of dollars.


You feel so helpless. You tell yourself, “Who am I to take on the big, mean IRS?” Well, you’re not helpless, because the Bradford Tax Institute is in your corner. Not only can you take on the IRS, but you can also beat them—provided you know how to handle the audit.


The first step is to not panic. Just calm yourself and read this article.


We give you five tried-and-true strategies for dealing with an IRS audit. These are strategies that tax professionals successfully use in their tax practice. ... Log in to view full article.

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