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October 2021

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Be Sure to Know the Tax-Home Rule

As a business taxpayer, you likely cross swords with the tax-home rule often.


We suspect that it’s a rule you have not thought of often. It may even be a rule you don’t know. And it may be a rule that will never give you any trouble.


But it’s a rule you should know.


Tax Home for Overnight Travel


To deduct business travel, you generally need to stay overnight at a business location that’s outside the area of your tax home. But you can find exceptions to this rule, such as you find in 3 Rules Ensure That You Can Deduct Lodging Expenses under New Regs—Even When You’re Staying Close to Home!


Tax Home for Business Vehicle Expense Deductions


When you drive your business vehicle outside the area of your tax home, you qualify for business vehicle deductions as described in Danger: Your Personal Home Is Not Your Tax ... Log in to view full article.

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