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August 2019

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Your Guide to Select Overlooked Medical Deductions

Because you operate a business, you may have opportunities to turn medical expenses into business deductions.


You’ll find food for your business thoughts in our new (free to you) guide to select overlooked medical deductions.


You will also find some personal medical deductions that you may not have considered previously.


Key point. You likely have no choice but to spend the money on the medical problem—meaning you will spend this money, no matter what.


Golden nugget. If the money you had to spend on the medical problem produces a business or personal tax deduction, at least you can extract a financial benefit from this misfortune.




If you have employees in your business, you likely have some medical expenses that require business attention.


For example, if you have fewer than 20 employees and you have one or more employees on Medicare, you need to follow special rules that enable you to provide medical benefits to your Medicare recipient employees without triggering the $100-a-day penalty. The new guide explains how, and it’s yours free.


Special Needs Education


And what if you have a child who requires special needs education? What strategies can you use to make that education expense a business expense?


You’ll learn all this and more in our exclusive special report on select overlooked medical deductions.


Your Dog or Cat


Is your dog or cat an emotional support animal that qualifies as a deductible medical expense?


Your guide (free to you) on selected overlooked medical deductions explains how the rules work for deducting the cost of support animals as medical deductions. ... Log in to view full article.

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