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December 2014

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Drive Down Your Tax on Stock Gains by Selling and Repurchasing at Just the Right Time

Estimated tax tip savings: The taxpayer described in this article eliminated $9,000 of capital gain in his stockwithout paying tax and without permanently disposing of his stock. Your savings will depend on the amount of your investments.


A big virtue of our tax law is that when the price of your stock investment goes up, you do not have to immediately pay tax on that growth. If you use this tax rule wisely, you can legally slash thousands of dollars from—and in some cases even eliminate—your capital gains taxes.


Compare that to your bank account, where you have to pay tax on your interest every single year.


The great thing about capital assets like stock is you get to choose when you pay tax. Namely, the tax occurs when you sell the stock or have some other “taxable event.”


Since you can choose when you pay the tax, why not pick a year when your tax rate is very low?


How low do tax rates on capital gains get? Zero percent. That’s right. Many people are in the zero percent tax bracket for capital gains.


This article explains how you can use that zero percent tax bracket to eliminate your capital gains, even ... Log in to view full article.

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